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Bleach, Bleach, and more Bleach.
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Khane Chibi Commission for Shining-Link :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 5 2 Ulteryian Shikai 2017 Revamp :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 9 4 Ulteryian 2017 Revamp :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 4 2
An Alien, An Orc, and a Boy in the Woods
:iconzentan2016: [Farm Just Outside Starbled] Zentan: It was the middle of fall, a day like no other for himself and his fellow farming co-workers. They had various things to harvest this coming week. Cilantro and a couple other basic herbs, pumpkin, Cabbage, and they also had some Squash and Sweet Potato. However his thoughts of work were cut short as he noticed something was off. A police vehicle was parked outside their management office. Fearing something happened Zentan rushed over, swinging open the front door "Is everyone okay?"
:iconkruskmorneplz: [Farm Just Outside Starbled] Krusk: He looked over at the door as Zentan walked in, raising an eyebrow "... Not quite sir, apparently one of this man's kids went missing, so I got called out here to deal with it" He was holding a notepad and a pen that looked incredibly small in the orc's large hands "And who're you?"
:iconzentan2016: [Farm Just Outside Starbled] Zentan: "I'm Zentan, I work here most days as assis
:icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 1 0
Kardin Peak dAfter-Story Application :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 5 0 Secret Santa dAfter-Story Event :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 2 2 Origins: Zentan Part 1 - Shackles [Story] :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 2 0 Origins: Zentan Part 1 - Shackles [Cover Art] :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 3 0 Zentan 2016 dAfter Application :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 2 4 Zentan 2016 :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 0 0 Kitsune Commission :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 0 2 Kanima's Shop (Festival 75) :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 0 0 Kai Fukuda :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 0 0 Homeboy8221 OC Headshot (3 year anniversary) :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 2 3 Kanima App :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 4 2 Kanima Revamp :icontheinkingpen:TheInkingPen 0 0


Darius App :iconshining-link:Shining-Link 5 0 Image WIP :iconempusic:Empusic 2 0 Brita : Headshot - Sketch :icondreyma-vefr:Dreyma-Vefr 2 0 Nothing Clever To Say? :iconkerenitychan:kerenitychan 8 2 Zarra Application :iconshining-link:Shining-Link 4 0 Khane Application :iconshining-link:Shining-Link 5 8 Dafter Scouts Crystal :iconkerenitychan:kerenitychan 19 15 Blake Chibi :iconflukeoffate:FlukeOfFate 78 3 1001MN: Just feed the horse the darn apple Rio :iconxyorutenshi:xYorutenshi 68 23 :1001: Light in the Dark :iconinupii:Inupii 39 8 AfrOriginal Month: Marie :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 18 3 Beanstalked: Are You Okay? :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 33 4 AfrOriginal Month: Najla :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 30 1 Calaboose Trail: Choke Me Harder, Daddy :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 23 1 AfrOriginal Month: Aunt Nancy :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 17 0 AfrOriginal Month: Roulette :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 21 3


I could go on and on about the positives off this piece, being that when it comes to drawing I'm somewhat easily impressed XD. Since my...

Okay so first I'm going to start off by saying I have yet to see this anime so I don't know much about the characters so bear with me f...

So to start, whenever I write a critique I will start with the negative or negatives, then go to the positives. Finding positives was v...

I accept payment of gift cards (things like gamestop and amazon are preferred, this can be discussed in pms though) and also I am in need of 410 points. If anyone would like to discuss point or other payments for commission work, let me know :) Any business, small or large, is appreciated!!!
Some of my more recent work:
Khane Chibi Commission for Shining-Link by TheInkingPen Ulteryian 2017 Revamp by TheInkingPen Zentan 2016 by TheInkingPen Tiefling Rogue by TheInkingPen


United States
I am a teenager with a passion for art, especially manga. I heard of Deviant Art about three years ago and finally decided to join. Thought I could post my manga sketches and see what people think. I am creating a manga book called The Devil's Blade and I need a lot of manga sketching practice so this is the perfect place to compare and get advice so why not join. I plan to be as good as Mark Crilley one day!


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Bluesoul1 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Buddy! How have you been? Hope you are fine. I'm here, trying to make a come back. Take care and keep creating!
TheInkingPen Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Best of luck with the come back :) Been doing alright. Life's having its usual ups and downs, but its been 2 steps forward 1 step back so can't complain.
DeadSlot4 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav and watch! ^^
TheInkingPen Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
no prob,  liked your work :) keep up the good job 
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Happy Birthday
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ty ^^ big 2 0 now
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ahhh thank you for the watch <3<3
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thank you for the watch O v O
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